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If your press release is ready to go, visit our homepage and click “submit a press release” on the top right or directly visit

Firstly, make sure your press release complies with the general distribution guidelines and, then, choose your location and when you want your press release to be published. Please remember that the location you select should match the location mentioned in the document.

How to submit a press release - Step 1
Step 1

If you need it published immediately, select “now” and click “done”. If not, select a date and time and click “done“.

After selecting the location and publishing time for your press release, scroll down slightly and click “add files” to upload your press release(s). You can upload 20 documents in .doc, .docx, or .txt not exceeding 100MB in total at a time.

How to submit a press release - Step 2
Step 2

After you select your file(s), “upload selected files” will appear, which you need to click on to proceed to the next step.

!IMPORTANT!: Before clicking “UPLOAD SELECTED FILES”, you must accept the terms & conditions.

How to publish a press release - Step 3
Step 3

Once the upload is complete, “add to cart” button will appear below the uploader.

When you click “add to cart”, the page will reload and “view cart” will be visible on the top. Click it to proceed to the checkout.

How to send a press release - Step 4
Step 4
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