How to boost your sales in 4 steps
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How to boost your sales in 4 steps

There are way a lot of methods to increase your sales, including SEO, SMM, and SMO. But without knowing the basics, all your efforts could bring you only peanuts.

Whether you run a small business or a large enterprise, you must have a marketing strategy before launching your service or product. And while shaping your strategy, you must:

1 – Keep it as simple as possible: Create a website, send email campaigns, make phone calls — There are dozens of ways to promote your product or service. But remember, be as brief and simple as possible.

  • Do not make a royal decree-long homepage to attract visitors to your website. People don’t read your homepage linearly, but saccade back and forth across it. That’s why you have to organize your website wisely.
  • Do not give too many details in the first outreach to your potential customers without even knowing whether they need what you are selling. Ask them, first. And do not forget to introduce yourself!

2 – Promise: Describe what makes your product/unique and why and how it is different from other options. Offering cheaper products or services is not enough!

3 – Picture: Help people imagine what is going to happen if they buy your product or service. Try to put an image in their minds. It will help you get them emotionally attached to it.

4 – Prove: Tell them, if you are allowed to, which companies you worked for. Or simply show them how it all works. If Google has bought your product, why wouldn’t others, too?