Best times to send out a press release
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Best times to send out a press release

Get to know the best occasions on which you should publish a press release to easily make your pitch to journalists


The purpose behind press release distribution is questioned and harshly criticized by some social media and SEO experts nowadays, who bring forward the up-to-dateness and outreaching of PR distribution compared to those of social media marketing, search engine marketing, and search engine optimization.

Though these new media and advertising concepts bring a new perspective to the marketing world, press release publishing still preserves its place as the leader, thanks to the efforts to automate the workflow. Also, when it comes to the need for nation-wide or worldwide outreach, PR distribution has the capability to defeat all other options on its own.

Such a strategic and effective tool could be tricky, however, if you need to attract journalists’ attention and make your pitch to them. And in this case, you might have to decide whether or not what’s really newsworthy about your organization.

We have listed a group of topics commonly addressed in the press releases we worked on so far to give you an idea.

1 – New product launch: In terms of statistics, press releases on product launches draw a lot more attention than the ones about any other topic and an eye-catching press release about your new product can easily attract journalists and get you to make your pitch.

2 – Recently recruited executives: This might not sound interesting enough to be the subject of a press release. But writing a press release about an executive you have recruited could arouse the interest of your new employee’s personal network and thus get noticed by people easily.

3 – Entering a new market / a new local market: Sending out a press release for the market you are prepping to enter, even way before your launch, is a must. It doesn’t only earn you recognition, but can also help you raise investment in the target country.

4 – Events: Announcing your participation in a fair or holding an industrial event could only succeed and bring you the popularity only if you spread the word. And one way to do it is write a press release.

5 – Civil society initiatives: Among the topics we have listed in this article, press releases on contribution to NGOs and civil society initiatives are the ones that can get you to strike your audience at the heart and form an emotional bond between your organization and clients.

Picking up one of these topics will certainly increase your chance to make your pitch. If you have already written a press release about one of the topics above, don’t lose any time to publish it!

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