What should press release outline be like?
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What should press release outline be like?

It’s quite easy to write a press release as long as you know the rules of the game. Here is our tips to write a press release based on an outline to effectively reach out to your audience:

1 – Heading

Most of the press releases you may find online have such a long heading that you might even not feel like reading the whole release because of it. A heading with more than 120 characters alienates not only people, but also search engines from reading the press release, which is why your heading should not exceed 120 — Remember that you will have lots of room in the release to give all the information.

2 – Introduction

First of all, begin with the date and location of publication (e.g. 24th July 2018, Middletown, DE) and put a slash. Introduction part of the press release should look like a compressed version of the whole release — summarize what is included overall. It’ll help you attract people at the first glance.

3 – Development

In this section of the press release, you are expected to go into detail and help readers get the idea that led you publish the press release. If you are launching a product, for example, explain what the customers should expect and how they can benefit from it. Supporting the development section of the press release with a couple of quotes from the executives of your organization can give readers a sense of trustworthiness.

4 – Conclusion

You may include a comprehensive summary of the release, your contact people and details, and your website address.