Texliff launches new “sales-boosting” translation package
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Texliff launches new “sales-boosting” translation package

teXliff introduces its new translation process that helps its clients increase their sales

Delaware – April 15, 2018 –  teXliff, the first truly seamless translation service provider, strengthens its workflow with a 3-step quality assessment to help its clients experience an “error-free” product and boost their sales.

Mustafa Cengiz, the founder and CEO of teXliff, points out to the great amount of RoI their clients have achieved so far thanks to their robust translation process and adds, “When we first started out, we had some clients that were not happy at all about their brands losing acceleration in the international market and were trying to figure out what the problem with their ‘translations’ rendered by their coworkers or an LSP.

Calling it ‘translation’ could the problem itself. Because, the very basic rule to succeed in an overseas marketplace is to ‘localize’ your content or product, not just ‘translate’ it, and to convey your brand’s message to the clients in a way that they can culturally and emotionally embrace what you are selling. And we give them exactly that”.

What makes teXliff unique is the way it keeps every project under control in each phase. And when your content is translated, it’s not all done yet! teXliff’s AI-translation management system assigns an editor and a proofreader to ensure the outcome is as you wish it to be. Next comes the new feature of “sales-boosting translation service package”— a smart QA tool developed by teXliff is used to confirm there is no “oversight”, which is the excuse you might have heard after receiving poorly rendered translations which you have paid a lot of money for. At teXliff, there is no oversight or any extra cost. And the result is worth every penny you spend.

It is also get an online translation quote from teXliff quickly! No matter what you want to get translated, just visit www.texliff.com and click “get a quote” — your documents will be reviewed carefully and you will receive your quote in the blinking of an eye.

Contact: Mustafa Cengiz

E-mail: info@texliff.com

Website: www.texliff.com