Filofax Partners With Unique British Art Brand
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Filofax Partners With Unique British Art Brand

Chameleon Art Products team up with iconic Filofax brand.

LONDONNovember 7, 2018 /Prexly/ — Chameleon Art Products and Filofax have formed an exciting partnership to bring two of their key products together.

Chameleon with their professional quality, innovative art system are the perfect tools to fully customize the Clipbook by Filofax.

  • Two companies find common ground in their desire for innovation.
  • Both are British brands, with unique patented products.
  • Clipbook by Filofax is a globally patented invention by the brand.
  • Chameleon Pens are globally patented innovation by their brand.
  • Filofax met Chameleon at a show in the US, and fell in love with their unique pens (and later discovered their offices were 10 mins apart!).
  • Both brands bonded over a passion for creativity and uniqueness and found that their innovations were a perfect match.
  • The initial launch will see a series of bundled products made available to the market from November.
  • Development has started on a number of unique products for launch in 2019.
The Filofax Philosophy: We make it for you to make it your own

Our mission is to offer quality stationery and lifestyle accessories, with the ideal balance of beauty and brains. We believe ‘you do you’ better than anyone else, which is why we ensure all of our designs are intrinsically flexible and highly versatile. Open one of our products and you enter a space within your control, ready to evolve into your own unique creation.

About Clipbook by Filofax

Clipbook is a unique patented innovation that provides the simplicity of a notebook without the limitations of a bound book.

Featuring a fully customizable cover with flexible capacity, and storage space for a pen in its spine.

Simply pull the cover to open the rings to make of it what you fill. Includes a selection of undated refillable papers.


  • Flexible capacity
  • Repositionable and refillable content
  • Storage space for a pen
  • Multifunctional papers and accessories
  • Lies flat and can be folded back
  • Fully customisable cover
About Chameleon Pens

Chameleon Pens™ are much more than a normal marker – they give you the power to change color and simplicity to your art. Each pen goes from as light as a hint of a tint to rich tones, eliminating tonal gaps in your collection.


  • Create depth, dimension, highlights, shading and shadows…all with one pen!
  • Built to last, Chameleon Pens™ have nearly twice as much ink as a regular marker pen.
  • Can also be used like a traditional marker
  • Professional quality, with alcohol-based ink.
  • Refillable and have replaceable Japanese Nibs.
  • Permanent on most surfaces (including: fabrics, glass, plastic and wood).
  • Compatible with all other alcohol-based pens and inks.
Appearing live on Create and Craft TV with demonstrations

8th November 2018 – 2pm

9th November 2018 – 10am9pm

10th November 2018 – 4pm

11th November 2018 – 3pm

Selling 4 product bundles

  • Ultimate Bundle
  • Mega Bundle
  • Super Bundle
  • Deluxe Bundle

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