Yolo Rum Sells Equity Shares on Wefunder, for Crowdfund
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Yolo Rum Sells Equity Shares on Wefunder, for Crowdfund

Yolo Rum Sells Equity Shares on Wefunder, for Crowdfund

DENVERJune 22, 2018 /Prexly/ — Yolo Rum is selling shares in pursuit of becoming the first “democracy powered” major spirit brand and company, according to, Philip Guerin, founder of Yolo Rum.

Guerin further explains how the public demand for high quality, gluten free, sugar free spirits, is underserved by the major alcohol companies, and how Yolo Rum is appealing directly to this market.

By using a type of investment platform called a crowdfund, Yolo Rum is inviting the public to invest money and also help build the company’s notoriety.

Guerin proudly states, “We have an amazing team, and adding hundreds of brand advocates that are vested through ownership is the definition of ‘democracy powered.'”

The crowdfund campaign will go live to the public, Wednesday, June 20th on the Wefunder platform.  Wefunder’s website says that, “Wefunder is a crowdfunding service which connects startups with investors online.” There will be a limited amount of Yolo Rum shares authorized for sale.

Yolo Rum is a Denver based company that sells some of the world’s highest quality rum, made in Panama.

Yolo Rum is a premium, gluten free, sugar free rum.

Yolo Rum Gold, a ten year aged rum and Yolo Rum Silver, are both crafted by master distiller and blender, Cuban born legend, Don Pancho Fernandez.

Yolo Rum has earned twenty one international awards, and recently secured paramount distribution relationships with Mexcor and New Age Beverage Corporation.

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