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Who we are

Prexly is a marketing and advertising services provider offering simple but smart solutions to increase your online visibility and marketing performance.

Prexly’s marketing products mainly focuses on helping you drive more traffic to your website and boost conversion rates. Whether you publish a press release via Prexly or get your article posted on our proprietary network of websites, what you will get is “backlinks” from high quality content. And we offer these solutions at competitive and cost-benefit prices.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide cost-efficient and fast press release, news, and article distribution services help businesses, regardless of their size, reach out to their audience easily.

Our story

We believe that there is a gap in the marketing industry because of the options that are not quite known to public or not effective enough despite all the buttering up, which is the exact reason why we founded.

We promise one very specific thing; we offer you our services and you know what kind of advantages it will bring you.