What is Prexly?

Prexly is a press release distribution services provider offering simple but smart solutions to increase your online visibility and marketing performance.

How large is Prexly's network?

Prexly is active on 34+ platforms and has the capability of reaching out to 5,000 journalists and 40,000+ readers per day.

What do we focus on?

We mainly focus on helping you drive more traffic to your website and boost conversion rates. Whether you publish a press release via Prexly or get your article posted on our proprietary network of websites, what you will get is “backlinks” from our network of high ranking news platforms as well as better recognition by worldwide journalists and internet users.

Who created Prexly?

Prexly has been brought to life by a leading media & communications company, Texliff LLC, based in Delaware, United States.

What makes Prexly different?

Prexly employs an smart automated system to publish press releases and to manage all the housekeeping work within seconds.


Everything you need
to make your pitch


Upload your press release and place your order, that's it! Prexly's smart distribution system will handle the rest.


Select whether you want your press release to be published right away or at a specific time.


Prexly is 10x time cheaper than other press release distribution services thanks to our proprietary network.

Free Support

We are just an e-mail away from our clients. Visit our support page to contact our support team.

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